AudioRail® Technologies:   It simply works.

AudioRail® was conceived out of a vision to design a simple way to get many channels of audio over low cost LAN media, like Category 5 network cable. This patented method throws out all the traditional high level computer networking protocols and uses commodity components like Ethernet transceiver chips in a simple, yet unconventional way to obtain the lowest cost solution, with extremely low transport latency (just a few microseconds). No software, firmware, DSP, or any kind of microprocessor or PC control interface is employed. There is nothing to configure except the front panel switches that select which direction to send or get the audio. AudioRail powers up and initializes and becomes completely operational in less than 2 seconds.

Keeping things simple does not just translate into keeping the cost to a minimum. It also translates into reliability, since there are fewer things that can go wrong. AudioRail boasts an internal switching power supply that is 8 times overrated for the current it needs to deliver to the design. There is only one printed circuit board, with no internal wiring harnesses beyond that connecting the internal power supply. Conservative electronic design techniques were used, providing ample margins in signal integrity and logic design. The product is tested against the most stringent European EMC immunity requirements (EN55103, category E5: "Heavy industrial environment and environments close to broadcast transmitters") and the most stringent emissions requirements (EN55103, category E1 "Residential environment", EN55013, and FCC Part 15 Class B). We know that professional audio applications demand reliability, especially in live sound applications, and AudioRail products are designed with this in mind.

Our products are designed to be reliable enough for us to offer a 5 year transferrable warranty, as detailed in the user manual.

We encourage prospective customers to visit the technical version of our website to browse the ample technical information and design documentation that we provide there.

There are other professional audio firms that provide other solutions that put audio on Category 5 or other network cables in one form or another. We list them on our technical website, and invite prospective customers to research all the alternatives. Each has its tradeoffs, as does AudioRail. AudioRail is the simplest, most straightforward, most reliable, and most cost effective product and methodology of its class.