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In the above picture a building was already wired assuming a standard Ethernet computer LAN would be used. Standard LAN wiring outlets, with CAT5 cable routed through the walls, all connect to a patch panel in one room.

Each outlet has one RJ45 receptacle. The larger rooms have two outlets. (The smaller rooms with only one outlet will pose a problem for AudioRail, except at the ends.)

There is a computer LAN, consisting of four computers, in this building. The four computers are connected to an Ethernet hub, the usual way.

The AudioRail units in all the rooms are patched together into a daisy chain by looping back connections at the patch panel. Rooms with AudioRail units that are not at the ends of the AudioRail daisy chain need two outlets in the room. All five AudioRail units in this example are connected together in a daisy chain.

The computer LAN uses the building wiring, and so does AudioRail. But the computer LAN and AudioRail are not connected together at any point. They are entirely separate, and should never be interconnected.

AudioRail does not interoperate with computer networks.