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Extra ADT1616 cards available for Behringer DDX3216 mixer.

We have obtained a small quantity of new, extra Behringer ADT1616 interface cards. We are willing to sell these to new or existing AudioRail customers for a price of $180 each, if it is for the specific purpose of satisfying AudioRail ADAT rx32tx32 connectivity needs.

Each ADT1616 provides 16 additional input channels and 16 additional output channels to the Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer, adding four Toslink ADAT lightpipe connectors to the rear of the mixer. The Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer can accept up to two of these cards, providing up to 32 input channels and the maximum of 16 output channels for the digital mixer. These cards only work in the Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer.

Please contact us via e-mail at to confirm availability for purchase and shipping cost.

Note: AudioRail Technologies is not affiliated with Behringer in any way, nor do we have any business relationship with them. We do not endorse any particular company's products as better than another's. Our multiple citings of Behringer products on our website is entirely due to the price of their products, which yield the lowest price points for AudioRail end user configurations. We are not an authorized reseller of the ADT1616 interface card.